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Day 20 - Our last in DC

Wow, this week has gone quickly – and we’ve packed a fair bit into it, in a leisurely sort of middle-aged traveller way…

This morning (another hot, muggy DC day) we set out with all good intentions of visiting both the Natural History Museum and the Portrait Gallery. 869 more words

US Trip

Carrie and Becky’s Daily Challenge 9-1-14

Today’s Challenge: Don’t break the law, but if you do, admit it, accept the consequences, and learn from the experience.


Second Best.

When it comes to friendships, I take a very laid back approach. I’m not that friend that calls you just because I’m in the car and want to talk. 762 more words

Under the Warlord

Under the warlord,

Nothing in your eyes,

My time’s a wasting,

I wonder when the time is right,

If you’ll leave me here to die, 43 more words

Creative Writing

Day Nine: Insecurity, Egotism and Peace

Note: This is part of my 31-day challenge from my500words.com. I abide by  the rules of the challenge.

This is my first time to add a blogpost using my tablet. 633 more words

By Mikel Dumlao

Insecure but not giving up

Have you…..ever feel like you are not good enough YET you still want to do it because you want to see someone that meant the whole world smile? 236 more words

Root Of The Problem

It is difficult for me to understand how one could be so image-concerned and shallow, that they consciously replace that flaw with being fucking pretentious. For example, let me scrutinise the shit out of anybody that looks fitter than me, and my solution to this jealousy is to starve myself and make self-demeaning comments to invite pity and/or compliments from others? 434 more words