STEM STUFF: Why do we have seasons?

Hello my fellow brainiacs and welcome to another month of STEM STUFF with Doctor Scientific!

This month’s theme: SEASONS.

To start us off right, why don’t we watch a quick video about why we have seasons in the first place, courtesy of SciShow:

Young Adults

Personal space is sacred

Personal space is: body; mind; life; home and personal information.

The cat was doing what cats like doing, grooming herself.  The man dumped an apple next to her, and pointed a camera into her face, “smile he said.”  If looks could kill… 196 more words


Polo: What is it?

If you’re a fan of Julia Roberts you have easily watched Pretty Woman two or three dozen times. After watching the film for just about the thousandth time today, I was inspired by the scene of Vivian (Roberts) and Edward (Richard Gere) at the polo match. 461 more words

September Tidbits

Good Morning Readers. Happy Labor Day! Hope everyone is having a great long weekend. Chillin’ and Grillin’. This Day was established in the 1880’s to honor the social and economic contributions of American workers. 245 more words


12v Systems

Found this when browsing.
As always, I’ve quoting from the internet so it’s up to you to check what I’m writing is correct. 92 more words


Sir Digit Izer and the Champion Word of the Week: Snickersnee

“I, Sir Digit Izer, of the Library of Berthoud, herby proclaim “Snickersnee” as your champion word of the week:

*To be spoken in a very proper, High English, accent* … 38 more words

Young Adults

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