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Sorry. Not Sorry.

{warning. do not read if you get easily offended or do not want to hear an angry rant post.}

Dammnn it! I thought this blog world was a “safe place”. 389 more words

Self-injecting Novarel IM = easier than I expected!

I’d worked myself up a fair amount before the Novarel injection for some reason. Even after attending a gentle yoga class and indulging in a spa pedicure, I couldn’t quite focus on anything else. 165 more words

How My Milk Made Me Realize That I Am An Outlaw

I made myself get out of bed, the place I’d been for nearly a week, overwhelmed by sadness and convinced I could go no more. I opened the refrigerator door, and the first thing I saw was the gallon of milk I had recently bought. 644 more words

Baseline Appointment

So today was my baseline appointment and it went surprisingly well, even if we did have to wait forever. Total time in the office was about 2.5 hours. 279 more words


Why is there suffering? A Lesson from the Man Born Blind

Recently I decided to read the Gospel of John from start to finish, one chapter at a time. This morning before work I read chapter 9, which is the story of the man born blind. 360 more words


Day 12 of stims update - schedule is set!

I was waiting to post until I hopefully had my estradiol level back, but I’m sure the RE will respond to my neurotic email tonight, haha. 413 more words