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Hello Pussycat. Why've You Got Your Head In A Bucket?

This week I have found myself feeling like the Smash robots observing the more bizarre aspects of human behaviour. The Ice Bucket Challenge has reportedly now raised over £48M. 747 more words


Economic Inequalities – Where to Start?

Entering my brush-up courses for graduate school in one week, I ponder the most pressing challenges for the future of a policy economist focused on development and more equitable economic opportunity for all. 635 more words

Economic Development

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plate by plate


does the dishes

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for him to burp


How the United States Invented a New Kind of Corruption

It’s easily forgotten that the US constitution was written to address the defects of a very specific kind of government–the 18th century European absolute monarchy. The trouble is that when we design our states to solve one very specific kind of problem, we often over-correct and create precisely the opposite sort of problem. 1,198 more words


Catching up on adult education news

Getting back into adult education networks after the summer? These links might help in catching up on some useful reading to get back in the groove again. 231 more words

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Types of Marxist Movements: Overly Philosophical Socialism (Part 2)

Poorly aimed socialist movements miss the mark, and defeat a scarecrow instead of the ruling regime. Furthermore these movements can add legitimacy to the governments that “defeat” yet another socialist movement. 381 more words

Classical Marxism

Lets be clear on what the “middle class” is

Key Points

  • A number of world leaders, including the Australian Prime Minister, have claimed that millions of people have been lifted out of extreme poverty and are now living in the “middle class”.
  • 278 more words
Global Development