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Thoughts on European Citizenship Part 3 - The Scottish Proposal

The purpose of this three part series has been to analyze how member countries of the European Union having no central standards for citizenship has lead to problems.  1,649 more words


One Last Chance To Be Heard

Tomorrow is the 2nd of September, so what you may say and ordinarily you would be right, ordinarily tomorrow would just be Tuesday, another working day, another day spent combating whatever life decides to throw at you. 244 more words


Undecided? I have relatives who are..

Today the no campaign had a photo stunt down in Inverclyde. The crux of which was ‘vote no for your family’.

I’m thinking of family when writing this. 1,209 more words


Blog 12: listening to some people who say 'no'

I’ve been listening to some no-voting friends recently and re-reading what they’ve been saying. They’re all male and most around 60 or older. I have come to feel their sadness at the thought of independence being for them more of an end than a beginning. 317 more words


Europe must act as a much-needed adrenalin shot to a weary Uncle Sam

While we all luxuriate in the afterglow of a fabulous summer and await the outcome of the Scottish independence referendum – as well ponder the rise of Ukip and how it will all pan out at the coming General Election – a much more terrible set of conundrums lap at Europe’s borders. 851 more words


Do you believe in yourself?

For many people, independence represents hope for the future.

For others, it represents fear of the unknown.

The truth is that Scotland’s future is unwritten, and everyone’s future is uncertain: here in Scotland, and in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and indeed in every country on this planet. 620 more words