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Food for Thought

Can you believe, I am not a single individual me. I am a million different people in one. I am a reflection of every single being. 150 more words


The Chatterbox: Who Said That?

When I went to college, I started seeing a lot of those “coexist” stickers, the ones where the letters of the word is spelled out using symbols from various religions. 1,202 more words


Opinion: The Problem Of Individuality And Anonymity

The trend that stitches our generation together is the desire to be different. But unfortunately – this very desire to be different is I believe something that has kept us uniformed. 220 more words


I need a little leg room

It is a little cramped in here, people.

In this box you keep putting me in, that is.

Not all of you, of course. The expansive, breezy souls among you are content to just let me and the rest of their fellow human beings be. 1,350 more words


Eccentricity or Social Retardation

I have a really big problem with people who say things like ‘I don’t give a f*ck,’ (please excuse the language, I am dropping F bombs for effect :) ) ‘I don’t care about what anyone thinks of me,’ ‘I can do and say whatever I want,’ the people who have the sincere ‘I don’t care’ attitude.  945 more words

Ignore The Noise

Since I started my fitness journey, I have dealt with negative comments and looks of disgust and comments of “ew, gross”. No matter how confident a person is, the accumulation of these sorts of comments can wear you out. 390 more words

"The Party" - Which Party do you belong?

       Apparently, human beings call them “political parties”.

       meeeooooowwwwww!!!    That´s fantastic.  I love to pawwwwty !!!

At least human beings have got something right Sir W. 905 more words