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Evolving Children, Evolving Consciousness

The last four decades or so has seen the tip of the iceburg of human evolution occur. The children coming through in large numbers, beginning with the Indigo Children in masses from the 1950s to 1990s, the Crystal Children from the 1990s onwards and more recently but in fewer numbers at this point in time, Rainbow Children (which we’ll talk about in another entry). 895 more words

Indigo Children


I can hear the crunch of shoes against gravel as James jogs to catch up. As we head to the front door, another young man slides up beside me and leans towards my ear. 751 more words


Who Am I?

Hello everyone,

My name is Sadie Ameliorate, in this physical incarnation at least. I’m 19 human years old, i was born and raised in Istanbul, but currently live in Toronto. 1,250 more words


Angry, Fiery Indigos

Indigo Children are known for their fiery energy. When channeled effectively into passionate, driven ways and areas of life, it leads the child and individual streaming down multiple streamlines of creativity, opening them up to a world of unlimited possibilities. 853 more words

Indigo Children

Your Chariot Awaits

When I turn towards the driveway, I notice his mode of transportation: a truck. A very old truck. I have nothing against a modest ride, but come on. 865 more words

Young Adult

Raising Warriors

He is simply magical.

Perceptible and kind, he is wise beyond his years. Although lately I sense a change in this child. He retreats to his cave, gets angry and righteous, he feels the pain of others keenly. 343 more words

Moving Beyond Labelling Children (Part 3)

When we label a child, the label literally sticks with them, like a sticker on their forehead telling them who they are and what they are. 878 more words

Indigo Children