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Opinion: The Problem Of Individuality And Anonymity

The trend that stitches our generation together is the desire to be different. But unfortunately – this very desire to be different is I believe something that has kept us uniformed. 220 more words


Language Of Gods Maths And Hinduism

I have read an interesting academic paper on Mathematics involving Higher Mathematics of Numbers and was struck by its findings and the Truths expressed in hinduism Five Thousand years ago intuitively. 520 more words


Peeping into "the sacred shrine" of Tagore - Gitanjali

Blending the devotion to God with intricate consciousness of ego; being rooted in the soil and lyrically weaving the desire of upliftment for human beings, Rabindranath Tagore truly “makes the dust rise from the earth with his swagger”. 615 more words


2. Conscious Force : Scientific Spirituality

Movement of Force being admitted as the whole nature of the Cosmos, two questions arise. And first, how did this movement come to take place at all in the bosom of existence? 1,170 more words

Sri Aurobindo Philosophy

A Meditation: On Psalm 119:18 // Divine Wisdom //

“Open thou mine eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of thy law” – Psalm 119:18

Sankara the great Indian philosopher was of the view that ignorance separates men from Brahma (i.e. 186 more words


Hegel's Cultural Supremacism and the Myth of Western 'Reason'

‘(The Oriental spirit) remains impoverished, arid, and just a matter for the understanding. For this reason we find, on the part of Orientals, only reflections, only arid understanding, a completely external enumeration of elements, something utterly deplorable, empty, pedantic, and devoid of spirit, an elaboration of logic similar to the old Wolffian logic. 120 more words



Monotheists, especially fundamentalist Christians, sometimes criticize Hinduism by saying it’s polytheistic. This kind of critique, however, doesn’t necessarily hold up. The actual picture in Indian philosophy is far more complicated than the one painted by some Christian fundamentalists.¹ So a critique of Hinduism based on the idea of monotheism can – and should be – further examined.² 311 more words