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Crossing the Chasm

In my opinion, Crossing the Chasm, first published in 1991, is the bible of startup marketing. The book deconstructs the different types of customers and their objectives in making a purchase, as a new technology picks up a life on its own. 385 more words


Marketing Is On Its Head

The steady flow of glorified messages about wonderful products that will change our lives, and services that will leave us feeling warm, fuzzy and satisfied, continue to flash their “full monty” at us at every turn. 954 more words

Brand Awareness

Reputation Management Challenges the "67% Statistic"

The biggest trending infographics and content is about the fact that 67% of all sales are initiated on a mobile device. This statistic supports the importance of local SEO for small businesses. 514 more words

Internet Marketing

Calling All Marketers: Are You in Need of Some REM Sleep?

When I see a title like “What Keeps Marketers Up at Night?,” I can’t help but click it immediately. After all, I am a marketer, my job is to help fellow marketers and, as a marketer, many… 676 more words

Content Marketing

Inbound marketing: The Future is here!

Back on the scene

So a few weeks ago, I started writing about inbound marketing and how it is becoming a fundamental part of every organisations marketing plans. 778 more words


Bounding In or Pushing Out: Redirecting Marketing for the Arts

Marketing Is A Mindset.

I say that because we are in complete control of the words and message, and the design and distribution. Marketing comes from our own needs and point-of-view. 898 more words


You Need A Content Czar to Succeed in Inbound Marketing

The promise of Inbound Marketing

In the internet era, the traditional outbound marketing campaigns based on user lists, email blasts, telemarketing, advertising, PR, etc, have become less effective in generating meaningful leads. 1,399 more words