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the truth about down syndrome

Well, I’m about to get political.  I just wanted to warn you so you had ample time to abandon ship before getting too pissed off. 1,020 more words


Warren Buffett Bucks Democrats In Burger King Deal

It looks like someone else is giving Obama the shaft. Billionaire investor and Obama-backer Warren Buffett is going against the Democratic grain in reportedly financing Burger King’s takeover of Tim Horton’s, a Canadian coffee chain, in order to take advantage of the country’s lower corporate tax rate. 894 more words

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The Best Online Source for News on the Ebola Virus

The Pluto Daily has been known and labeled as a news outlet for news not reported by the mainstream American media, and now continuing with news not always reported TPD has become the leader in coverage on the Ebola Virus. 158 more words

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Eleven horses die during Saratoga Meeting

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Eleven horses died during the now-finished Saratoga Race Course meet, and I don’t think you have to be an animal-rights activist to think that’s too many. 698 more words

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Friend of James Foley and Steven Sotloff: the Islamic State has "taken terrorism to a whole new level”

Filmmaker Matthew VanDyke and friend of slain journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff joined Shepard Smith Tuesday for a serious interview.

News broke Tuesday that Sotloff was beheaded in a video just like Foley by the Islamic State (IS). 136 more words

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Celebrity Scandal Sheds Light on Security of the iCloud

The end of a beautiful Labor Day weekend was met by the very unfortunate news of the leaked photos of more than 100 female celebrities. Whether these photos were nude or not, it has raised serious questions, although not new questions, regarding the security of Apple’s iCloud. 844 more words

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Guns Allowed In OC and Everyone Wants In

Concealed Carry Laws

Concealed carry laws have been relaxed in Orange County California and and now thousands of people are flocking to get their concealed carry permits. 19 more words

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