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art in evolution‏ - from Monet to Wolf Kahn

Brain writes

“I would never have guessed that Wolf Kahn was a student of Hoffman. Yet you can see the influence in the colour choice and lack of detail. 83 more words

In Search Of Beauty

"Poème d'amour" - Hans Hofman‏

Poème d’amour (1962)

Hans Hofman


this “Love Poem“, Poème d’amour“,
challenges our preconceptions

is this painting a poem, what does it… 7 more words

In Search Of Beauty

finding poems

Jennifer Bricker


you look for poems, you find poems

this morning a friend sent me this one

can a person be a poem

you tell me


In Search Of Beauty

"Morning Poem" - Wojciech Siudmak‏

Poème matinal (“Morning Poem“)

Wojciech Siudmak


looking for a poem this morning among an
array of poem paintings, I came across… 61 more words

In Search Of Beauty

"Six Pictures for Piano" - Arno Babajanian‏

Poèmes barbares (1896)

Paul Gauguin


if you thought that Arno Babajanian was
done with synesthetic investigations,
seeing sounds, hearing colours, here’s
his… 162 more words

In Search Of Beauty