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Lego Masters Collection

Italian designer Marco Sodano brings us the Lego Masters collection. Lego isn’t too keen on using unofficial art for their campaign purposes, but after what I can imagine were some long conversations with Lego over what to recreate we have these pixelated beauties. 27 more words



Why do we make art?
What on earth inspires us to create?
To dream?
To imagine?
What is so compelling about art that we set aside science, math, history, and personal relations to create? 162 more words

The guys from Imagine, Learn & Create having a BBQ

The wonderful boys and girls from Imagine, Learn & Create had a BBQ this Friday, I was there, taking a few snap shots of them all. 82 more words

Art Group

Title :A serious Marriage proposal .........

Well…….I am a very serious person that is what I declare but inside I am a child! I don’t interact much with people for I fear they may laugh at my childish views and comments for I don’t take life seriously but they do haaaaaaaaaa… 504 more words


How to imagine an end we never faced…

How to know somewhere we never paced…

How to believe in games we never played,

And still see the end that is always greyed. 122 more words



A coffee cup is full.

I empty it in gulps

And the coffee is gone,

So I stand, worn, to leave.

┬ęDavey Northcott August 2014… 16 more words

Outside the window

A man with huge, wobbling

Pipes, silver, walks past me

Where I sit next to the

Window. And then he is gone.

┬ęDavey Northcott August 2014… 16 more words