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Anyone Know What Planet We are Living on?

As if our world couldn’t get any more bizarre, today I read that there are gray-haired adult illegal aliens attending public schools in Lynn, MA. This is reported by the town’s mayor at a press conference. 105 more words

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The Truth about Immigration

Immigrants are destroying any and all hope of for planetary survival. Illegal aliens are Public Enemy #1. Foreigners are terrorists.

If you don’t believe me, just ask any sweatshop worker in, say, Vietnam… 102 more words

Illegal Aliens and Ex-Cons Storm the Beach in San Diego, not Children

I can only shake my head.  If we had simply stuck to the laws as written we would not be having this discussion and opening this huge can or worms now.   94 more words


 This president and apparently many of our legislators, are obsessed with diluting us down to nothing by pushing amnesty! Those pushing amnesty will cause more unemployment, more decline in our quality of life, more support and giveaways of all kinds to illegal aliens, and ensure a permanent majority voting block for democrats, liberals, progressives and socialists by allowing any evil amnesty bill to pass! 174 more words