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I don't support that

“And in response to Opinionated Man, not supporting LGBTQ people is hateful, even if not intentionally. Replace gay with some other category–race, class, ability–and what you get isn’t an innocent opinion, it is bigotry.” 256 more words


Franz reblogged this on I see a light in the darkness. Now all I have to do is just swim. and commented:

Man this guy knows how to rock. This is the kind of blog post that you need to read. :) It just proves that there is a big line between common sense and ignorance. Shoutout to Opinionated Man for the post.

Ignorant People

We Indians like to blame westerners for being Ignorant and not knowing where India is on the map and where a certain popular city of India is. 538 more words


Labor Day

Labor Day is a day to honor the working men and women of America. I love the idea and I think it should probably be a week. 316 more words

For Out of the Abundance of the Heart His - or Her - Mouth Speaks: A Short Preview of the Newest Forthcoming Quintessential Leader Book

I’m in the middle of writing my newest Quintessential Leader book, The Challenging Cast of Characters We Have on All of Our Teams: How Quintessential Leaders Use Self-Control and Self-Discipline to Deal With Them… 464 more words

Quintessential Leadership

I Do Not Like "Like"

The abuse of the word “like” bothers me so much that I have set the following rules:

1. If anyone I am engaged in conversation with is an abuser of the word, I will end the conversation. 108 more words


My Problem With Transparency

Apparently I have a problem with transparency. Throughout my life, no matter what I’ve done, no matter how good it was or how difficult it was to achieve, I don’t brag about it to people. 639 more words