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Working around another Internet Explorer quirk

While testing a web application in IE today, I ran across an issue with a search box I recently implemented.  If you haven’t noticed, IE 10 and above automatically put a little “X” at the end of text boxes.   58 more words


She knows what your next move is

I was on Madobe Ai’s Tumblr one time (which is something I never do, but I seem to find myself on Microsoft’s characters now and then) and I came across this image: 146 more words


Police stating in Limerick, Ireland will fly rainbow flag during Pride Parade!

Now here is a police force who care about their fellow citizens! The Henry Street Garda station will be the first Grada station (police station) to fly a rainbow flag in all of the Republic of Ireland! 233 more words


Browsers: Are you using the right one?

Today I am discussing browsers and which one would be the best for you! The three browsers in question are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer. 326 more words


Procedure paragraph

In landscape position, fold the paper in half vertically and unfold. In landscape position, fold the paper in half horizontally and unfold the paper. Place the paper in landscape position in front of you and fold a quarter of the paper into the middle fold line on each side. 47 more words


Srtony web i brak dostępu do internetu - Offline Web Application

Obecnie od stron wymaga się czegoś więcej niż wyświetlanie zawartości i wprowadzanie danych do formularza. Bywają sytuacje, gdy z różnego powodu traci się połączenie z internetem tracąc również możliwość pracy. 776 more words


Compatibility Issues Between Firefox and WordPress In Win 7

I just wanted to give everyone a ‘head’s up’ regarding an issue I’ve seen which has been replicated by other bloggers on WordPress.  It appears there is a compatibility issue between WordPress and the Firefox browser which effects the ability to post comments.   225 more words