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GU7146 What is your major malfunction?!!

#2422 is getting thrown around by this lunatic driver.
And the captive audiance, us passengers, are well and truely shaken and stirred.


I'm Late, I'm Late, For a Very Important Date ... on #4830

This driver will be known as “The Mad Hatter”.

GS7470 In one hell of a hurry !

Oh, and other passengers are now getting agitated … commenting on the stupid driving !!!


oh, by the way (for the idiot--BTW)

Most unfortunate is the reality of the Internet under control, as well the domain, of a certain governance; therefore, the words of the author may, or may not, be seen—it matters least, as you the reader (if any), will see and hear them very clearly—very, very, soon.

The Boy That Got Away

Simplicity is always better. Especially for idiots like myself…it’s a fact. Generally, I prefer it when things are simple…either a yes or no answer to a simple question. 354 more words


I Am An Idiot

I can’t believe I just did that…I just wanted to clear out some comments that were taking up space in my storage…My dumb ass didn’t check to see if I was clicking “Delete” or “Empty Trash” when I was doing it… 95 more words

A Dyke Reviews

When Ice water becomes the enemy

This is what pisses me off about americans the most! We follow. We rarely ever set trends. We rarely ever lead by example.

Instead of… 293 more words

Deadlift progress, stupid training decisions and fucking awful commercial gyms!

This week has had a number of training lows and one big training high! I’m really starting to believe that I might do well in the deadlift at the British in THREE WEEKS’ TIME!! 1,074 more words