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Up the Creek without a paddle?

When you lose your way, become unravelled, or have lost the plot and nothing seems to gel, you can do one of three things:

1) Go back to the beginning and start again… 1,040 more words


Hand of Cards - and the poker face

I was lying. Well – I was being sarcasticish.

I have neither abs anymore – nor do I have the energy to dance nor hoover. It fucks me off – I am jealous. 527 more words

Idiot Ramblings


I went to a second hand store with kids in tow, after the weekend ‘grocery top up’ in the new town. HUbby along as he came there after work because he finishes earlier as he starts earlier now. 403 more words



Turns out it is moving into a season of visual creativity and expression.

Always the fluctuation for me:

Both at the same time. 631 more words


I THINK I have made up my mind now...

This reshuffling and redecorating business ey…

That black background was a bit harsh …though…I did like the pictures on black…I was squinting to read!

Dunno – what you all think? 149 more words


Spiralling to hide

‘Wake each day to find your truth’ -

How hard that is to say?
When truth is relative to youth
To dreams and yesterdays.

When truth is all you seek to find, 106 more words


Writing For Writings Sake - Basically

We live, we learn, we grow. We mess up, we get it right. We carry on – with that little bit extra under our wing of information to draw from. 753 more words