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It's My New Year!

I blogged last Labor Day weekend that Labor Day Monday is what I consider the start of my official new year. It just makes way more sense than January because this is when our lives pivot on going back to school, end of summer celebrations (read: “freedom from structure”), and setting our minds toward accepting another winter which will blow in before we know it. 247 more words


Help fund this worthy cause!

Having gained much interest from far and wide (celebrities included!),  hosted the first Youth Empowerment Workshop in Gangtok, Sikkim, selected five passionate young Tibetans to take part in the first TibetXChange programme, and then receiving the fantastic news that they have been given their visas, we now ask for your support to make this really happen. 129 more words


On Fanon's Black Skin, White Masks (Part 1)

Before I start talking about Fanon’s extremely influential text, I’d like to share an anecdote I was told recently. A friend of mine – a tall, bald black man in his 40’s – was telling me about this woman he had just started dating, a petite white woman in her 30’s. 858 more words

Finding an Illustrative Identity (by Merle Hunt)

While I was studying illustration at university it seemed imperative to find a Style…yep, with a big ol’ capital S. Those who had one felt they had reached the Holy Grail and were to be envied, while those who didn’t could only be reassured that they would find theirs soon. 663 more words

The Waves The Waves

The Sorrow of Art - an emotional debate

I promise myself again that I will not get so caught up in living that I shall forget my writing. It is just wrong. Mind you, sitting in traffic I write all the time. 494 more words


The Things You Won't Remember

The Things You Won’t Remember: The Plight of the Black Male in America

When the group of young boys got on at 79th Street, very few people took notice of them. 1,777 more words