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Tilbakeblikk: Breaking Bad sesong 1

Etter at Breaking Bad runda hele Emmy Awards, er det betimelig med en liten ønskereprise av scener fra sesong 1.


Åpningsscenen (Ep.01 «Pilot»)

Fordi dette er seriens absolutte førstescene, og vi på dette tidspunktet ikke har lært den tilsynelatende gærningen Walter White å kjenne (ei heller vet vi at det er selveste Jesse som sitter halvdau i forsetet), har heller ikke scenen like sterk appell på oss enn om den hadde utspilt seg i midten av sesongen. 856 more words


IDA Nisec Competition 2014

During June, I was working with students to create animation clips for a cyber- security competition. My youngest team was made up of 3 primary 5 boys from Catholic High Primary School. 237 more words


Idas pärm



Jag gjorde en not för att jag älskar musik, och spelar piano på fritiden. Jag gjorde den orange randen runt för att jag tycker om hösten.


Monument Valley

I was going through some files and came across this little piece I did as a fan of Monument Valley. The game is visually stunning and I made this after playing it the first time.


What is InfoSphere Data Architect?

So Lets start with the need of InfoSphere Data Architect (IDA) in an ETL domain? ETL tools primarily load the data to a warehouse. So IDA is a visual tool used for data modelling (how the data is represented in the destination). 352 more words

#DWP Apologises for the Delay in Your Payment, #WOW #IDS Does Not Care ... (#JSA and #ESA Payment Systems Going Into Meltdown for Existing Recipients)

Understandably, there has been a lot lately about Universal Credit, but UC is currently only being paid to a very small number of people with the easiest type of claim to administer. 1,371 more words

What I've Been Reading and Watching

Last week I failed a friend who asked for a book recommendation. Another friend came to our aid by suggesting The Boys in the Boat… 556 more words