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Ultrasound for IC Pain? PainShield MD

In a clinical study involving 19 patients with severe chronic pelvic pain, PainShield MD significantly reduced pelvic pain, bladder pain, pain on urination, pain on defecation and related muscle or joint pain. 434 more words

Life In The Slow Lane

First Post


I’m Morteza Rezaei and I’m an I&C engineer from Iran. I’ve searched the net and never find a good and applicable webpage until now which helps me for my work. 50 more words



Before I move on to describe every step of recruitment, I wanted to share with you my timeline.

OD: 21.06.2014
AD: 22.06.2014
FI: 24.06.2014
IC: 15.07.2014… 604 more words

Cabin Crew

It's been a while..

It seems like an understatement quite frankly.

It’s been a while, since I’ve had any desire to write about anything. I have found myself in a hole where I talk very little and stay to myself. 135 more words

Love Hurts

So quick post from my phone…

I’ve had bladder pain issues since I was 17. I could probably post a lot more about that. I could talk about how every doctor claims it’s caused by something different, or about how I’m currently on 3 medications (with weird side effects) that don’t seem to be doing anything. 281 more words

Interstitial Cystitis: My Story

I guess it’s about time to tell the rest of my story… I have not updated in well over a year. I stopped updating because it was really the hardest moments of my life, and was barely surviving.  1,209 more words


An Official Letter to the Priory

Scion 43, 1327 AE

Dear Magister Stonehealer,

It is my sad duty to report the deaths of Arcanist Rasha Steelpaw, Scholar Lusan Harris, Novice Oleg Glukhovsky, and Explorer Milexxi. 664 more words

Living Story