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Also Known As "The War Machine Life Cycle"

‘American tax payer-paid weapons bombing American tax payer-paid equipment in Iraq’


At least we citizens are safe … hold on…


"NATO" in This Context Being the US and UK

Russia To Review Military Strategy To Counter NATO ‘Threat’


This is all rather distracting given:

  • most of the world is broke
  • the US and UK are imploring their NATO partners to pony up more money…
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Government Fury

Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton (and 100 others) hack

“Celebrities Emerging from Water Because Hey…It’s Labor Day!” Today, one blog post calls for “Serious, Federal Digital Privacy Law” while another link on the same page features pictures of celebrities in bikinis. 214 more words

Huffington Post

Castro compares NATO to Nazi SS, slams US, Israel for ‘creating ISIS’

One word: Guantanamo.

Why is the US in Cuban soil? How can anyone justify the fact that a foreign nation, the US,  illegally appropriated land in Cuba,  and refuses to leave? 609 more words


Your smiles and uplifting words found me
I thought I could climb a mountain today
Uplift almighty, climbing under your skirts

A golden cross sits between your breasts… 139 more words