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Hurt and pain...

May be I deserved it..

I am sure it would never happen… you have termed me as optional anyway…

Feeling of being replaced is the worst of its kind… we do it with phones, cars and other material objects… but replacing people??? 264 more words

[Another Story] Passionate Love -Chapter 5-

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Yoohee menemani Seungho berbelanja dan membuatnya mendapat tiket gratis menonton pertunjukan orchestra pertama Yang Seungho bersama SPO. Siapa yang menyangka jika di gedung itu ia bertemu Donghae yang saat itu sedang menemani salah satu klien terbaiknya. 3,194 more words









Cast Kim Na Na (OC), Kai Aka Kim Jong In (EXO K)

Support Han Na Eun, Dll 2,900 more words


Bleeding Heart

Your words shot me like a dagger
straight to my heart

Twisting it slowly until
I bleed

You weren’t satisfied so
You dragged it across… 27 more words



My dog has cancer. He’s been sick all summer. Today he was dying. It was so very hard to see him like that. He was there for me during the roughest time. 130 more words


Take it back... just take it all back.

Do you ever think about me anymore?

Do you miss me?

Do you regret letting me walk away?

Does your soul ache for me?

Do you lie awake at night and yearn for my love? 41 more words

Ramblings & Raves

Second Best.

When it comes to friendships, I take a very laid back approach. I’m not that friend that calls you just because I’m in the car and want to talk. 762 more words