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Andrew Klavan: How to Speak Leftist

In this special episode, our host offers a helpful guide to right-wingers on the true meaning of popular leftist phrases. Behold, the Leftese Dictionary! See the video and transcript below: 9 more words


Make One Pretty

Found this soooo humorous..but true! People who look someone in the eye and say one thing and the talk about them behind their back…jealous people. Hard to trust anyone. At least be humored!!


Tee Off

Funny memories, are the greatest!! Especially when they impact your life. For instance, the reason that I wear glasses, is one of them. In my grade school days, my friends and I would play all day, outside, just having fun. 148 more words

Life With Early Onset Parkinson's Disease

8.28.14 dream haiku

Two pulses in the
Cuisinart and we’ve smoothed out
her curly hair.


Autumn advances.

This cyclamen is in flower again. For me that’s another sign of Autumn. I’m eagerly awaiting the conkers. I love opening that spiky case to reveal nature’s gem, encased within. 137 more words


Congrats on Taking the Plunge!

Hi!  When I first started getting into stamping, Unity Stamp Co came out with a HILARIOUS stamp set called “AH Crap”.  Since my family is HUGE on potty jokes, this kit was PERFECT for me.   240 more words