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Summary of the Apocalyptical Wisdom

        All the peculiarities or doctrinal details arise from KEY-TRUTHS, from the MATRIX or FUNDAMENTAL TRUTHS. As the Doctrine of the Path, conveyed and not 1,051 more words


Two thousand fourteen
And the numbers tell the tale
Pinch me but I’m dead



Reason #312 That I Love My Job...

The sales team delivers lunch to us at the end of month. Alex, their lifesaver, takes care of us & makes sure this happens. What we get varies from Dickey’s BBQ to pizza. 165 more words

The Wall of Human Separation


There is a wall 

A wall of separation


It surrounds societies

It surrounds whole nations


But the strongest of all walls

Surrounds the human mind… 104 more words

Poetry - The Art Of Life

HONY is my homie.

If you haven’t started following the “Humans of New York” blog, dubbed HONY and not to be confused with KONY, you need to start right now. 771 more words


Maybe we don’t see it, but we’re the same. Maybe we don’t feel it, but we’re connected. Maybe we seem distant and too far away, but whether we realize it or not, we are no different. 89 more words