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Reasons NOT to use Choke, Prong or Shock Collars

In 25 years of my own personal experience I grace Bryson of rrruffhouse  have NEVER, not once used any of these collars and never will! I have heard rumours that other trainers have told clients that I have and do use these methods but I am here to clear the air! 1,083 more words

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How to Make a Cola Bottle Toy for Dogs

Sometimes dogs are satisfied with the simplest of toys, grabbing a piece of trash to play with rather than their plush new toy. If your dog has simple tastes, you can indulge her–and save money–by making toys out of empty plastic cola bottles… 324 more words

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So you think you want to breed a litter of puppies.  There are some important questions to ask before you take that first big step.  The first, and perhaps most important, question is… 6,631 more words

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We can’t save them all. And we shouldn't.

I want to apologize to the public on the behalf of animal rescuers this National Pet Month.  Normally, we’re a bit nuts about our furry friends, but, as a whole, we know, in the back of our minds (for better or worse), there are no pets without people. 1,171 more words

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Why spay and neuter?

Here are some startling facts:

  • A single 6-year-old female dog can produce 67,000 puppies!
  • A single 7-year-old female cat can produce 420,000 kittens!
  • Every day, 70,000 puppies and kittens are born, while only 10,000 people are born** -– simple math will tell us that there simply aren’t enough homes for all of these animals.
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Introduce Your Dog to Your Baby

Our dogs are very in tune with us, so with an event as monumental as a pregnancy, your dog has already sensed that something is up. 709 more words

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How to Tell if a Dog Has Parvo and How to Treat Parvo

What Is the Parvo Virus?


  • Once parvo manifests itself in the stomach lining the dog cannot properly absorb liquids and nutrients, leading to weakness and lethargy.

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