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CSS tips and tricks #4-Playing with positioning

Static, relative, absolute, fixed and now also add a sticky to it. CSS position property can be a bit harder to understand and to use all of its hidden powers. 1,049 more words



<a href="http://www.dcmagura.gov.bd/">Magura Web Portal</a><br/>
<a href="http://mailto:dcmagura@mopa.gov.bd">Email</a>

Artist Website Redesign

Work on “Cat Fight is currently on the back burner while I construct a redesign for www.daniellanapolitano.com. There’s been nothing too tricky about it; it contains the home page and several project pages that all use the same template. 87 more words


Team Tree House

Team Tree House

Team Tree House is a better quality, curated and catered learning experience for web developers and designers. Not only are the lessons more geared to techie folk, there are some fun elements including tests, bonus content that you can unlock and learning levels making it a bit like a game. 364 more words


W3 Schools

W3 Schools

Now I know when you see this website you are going to think, wow this is a resource for web design, not so pretty. 241 more words


Mi Pasión

¡Hola!  Me llamo Señor Daves y estoy haciendo el proyecto “Hora de Genio” con mis estudiantes de Español III/IV.  Siempre he querido diseñar mi propia página web pero yo no sé codificar.   27 more words


Alrightttty 2

So, In my original post I discuss developing my next app using Android and Eclipse. This time around the app is designed around GPS, Network, Navigation or simple put senor technology built into the device. 346 more words

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