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Housewife by Choice!

We have all read innumerable articles on being an accomplished career-woman, on being a successful mother or on being a wonder-woman — juggling household and office work. 473 more words


Introverted reclusive Bitch with her own Jiminy Cricket

The past few weeks have been strange. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease. Not a life threatening illness, but the side effects are so subtle, I didn’t realize I had them until they started going away when I began taking medicine. 399 more words


What My Man Said About Me "Buckling Down" and A Way To Feel Appreciated

I told my fiance about how I was feeling–that I felt guilty he works so hard and he should have me work hard too.  He basically said that I was doing a good job as is, and to do a little bit of the left over rooms at a time.   297 more words


We’ve decided to “buckle down” and keep this house cleaner than we normally do.  There are rooms in this house we haven’t cleaned for months.  They’re rooms we don’t go in normally, but they still need cleaned.   340 more words

Think It's About Time I Buckle Down

My fiance works very hard to bring home the extra money to keep us financially stable.  And although I don’t work, it’s my “job” to keep the house clean.   466 more words

Self Worth and the Stay At Home Mum

What is a Stay at Home Mum? Modern day meme’s define her as a Housekeeper, Chef, Personal Assistant, Teacher, Chauffeur, Nurse, and all round multi-tasker. Most even describe her as Wonder Woman. 976 more words


I miss you so well...

My husband. Best friend. Lover. Soul mate. Better half…Matthew.

Our families love that we work together, smile for our happiness, and should start planning that big 50 year Reunion. 544 more words