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House of Cards Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Random Thoughts:

  • This Peachoid incident killed me.
  • Could Frank really be in trouble over an accident that is clearly not his fault?
  • Claire is playing this newbie girl and its annoying to watch.
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House of Cards

I envy people that know love
Well, at least the idea of love
For me it only exist in the Bible
Which I hardly read but I solely believe in… 84 more words


Did Ricky's New Netflix Ad Tease a Streaming Sopranos for Netflix?

With Silvio “Sil” Dante making a cameo on this new Netflix commercial I can’t help but wonder when The Sopranos will be live streaming on Netflix. 63 more words

House of Cards Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Random Thoughts:

  • Kevin Spacey is still killing it.
  • Definitely called Claire getting rid of her office manager!
  • Claire is officially the worst.
  • Frank is THE master manipulator.
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Patient Graduates from Google University

As we enter into this Labor Day weekend, we hope you’ll enjoy this video spoof on House of Cards from ZDoggMD.com where Dr. Underwood deals with a patient who has graduated from “Google University.” 25 more words


Here's a List of the Highest-Paid Actors on Television Right Now

You might have heard that the stars of CBS’ staggeringly successful ensemble comedy “The Big Bang Theory” recently lobbied for one hell of a raise. Clearly, it worked out—starting this fall, … 434 more words


House of Cards Chapter 1

Last night I decided to join the masses and start House of Cards on Netflix. I figured it might be fun to chronicle a few things I take away from each episode. 224 more words