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Spring is here! I can’t wait for the flowers to start blooming and of course, the warmer weather. I am really excited to see Lilly turn brown and Pocket looks amazingly cute when he is grey! 90 more words


Goodbye Old Barn


It took a little over two years, but yesterday we finally moved our three horses from our “old” barn to our “new” barn. (Insert a huge sigh of satisfaction and relief) It never dawned on me how much finishing work a barn requires before it’s suitable to house horses. 474 more words


Confessions of An Aspiring Amateur: Outing Myself

I did a survey about my blog a while back to see what my readers liked and didn’t like about the blog. I got a lot of requests for more posts about my own riding experiences, so I’ve decided to start a series on my blog called “Confessions of an Aspiring Amateur.” While I think it is self-explanatory, I would like to show in the amateurs one day, and I am working towards that – hence, the “aspiring.” 1,254 more words


Renewing My Vows

If I had a blog, today I would write about my morning of dancing in the rain.

Today I renewed my baptismal vows; not standing in a baptistery or having my forehead sprinkled before a congregation, nor even being immersed, as I was the first time, in the river that crosses our farm. 498 more words


Horse Hooves

Horse Hooves

When I looked at the underside of my horse’s hoof, I thought the condition was awful.  The farrier came and trimmed off the hoof wall which had grown for about 5 weeks since his last visit.   66 more words