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Why I don't like hoovering!

Dear diary
I woke up early this morning & watched lilo & stitch in bed, then I had a bowl of coco pops & thought I’d better organise the junk in my room to feel refreshed! 568 more words

Dear Diary

Hoovering the ceiling.

I saw it out of the corner of my eye.

Naturally, I shrieked.  I’m home alone and there’s a multiple legged creature making it’s way across the lounge ceiling towards me.  84 more words

Scribbling Overlay

Husb was hoovering around the house so I followed him with my Samsung Galaxy Tablet Note 8, scribbling with the free Markers app.

He moves fast when he’s doing housework so I had to do speed sketches. 61 more words


Day 21 - Giving Up Pitta Bread

Worried about John Torode off Masterchef claiming his apparently-incurable eczema disappeared when he gave up the “deadly nightshade” vegetables (potatoes, garlic, bell peppers, tomatoes…all the best ones really…ones I’m highly unlikely to give up), I got in a bit of a mood today and lost a bit of motivation. 283 more words