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The Glaze on a Donut

I opened my door into a room of darkness after a detour to the market closest to my residence hall. My heart felt as heavy as what I was carrying in my arms—two bags of chips, a box of donuts, and two bottles of water. 613 more words


The Bed.

We talk between crumpled


Whilst lust


And surrounds both our


And we get lost

On the map

Of shared bed space.


We debate over twisted… 341 more words

"Success is simple. Do what's right, the right way, at the right time." ~Arnold H. Glasow

Sometimes I think of myself as simpleminded…not foolish, not sheltered, not someone who can’t think complexly…but someone who sees the world in right and wrong, someone who can’t seem to comprehend certain things, even if I know they exist. 1,285 more words



I’ve written about friendship a few times already but it keeps coming up.  Growing up I went through various stages of not liking my friends or who I surrounded myself with.  295 more words

Sometimes I actually think...

I decided to start my own blog, not because someone asked me to…just because sometimes I think about “deeper” things. And it’s always easier to remember it if you put it on the paper, or these days, if you include it in a blog post. 129 more words



I hope that when you’re sitting there reflecting on the influx of people throughout your days, you don’t feel the overwhelming chasm that separates your thoughts from theirs… 208 more words