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Scots Archbishops' Statements on Referendum - An Opportunity Missed?

Below is the press release from the Scottish Catholic Media Office, dated 29 August, 2014.  Editorial comment has been added in blue within the text, with the basic question for discussion: … 1,137 more words

Vicky Beeching, the Bible, and God

Joining Ray Boltz and Jennifer Knapp, Vicky Beeching is the latest Christian music artist that has come out as gay. Her story starts in childhood, 12-years-old and fighting feelings for other girls. 869 more words

Scripture Thoughts

Belief is prejudice with armour on it

Yesterday I and Mark went out to the pub to have a few pints with Stephen and another bloke. It ended with Stephen abandoning us for a girl at the bar, and they departed after a couple of hours. 314 more words


Jesus Blog: If There's No Love In It, It's Not Me

More today from my Saturday “Jesus Blog” – a word from Jesus to you…

Don’t be afraid of me. Whatever you’ve been told about me, if it makes you afraid, then it’s not true. 186 more words

Gay Christian

Ch25 Kiss Me Good-bye


Only three hours had passed since Ethel had startled Ernest from his sombre reveries, but within this brief space their love had matured as if each hour had been a year. 719 more words

Energy Vampire


It pains me to see,
Homophobic Russia,
The hunted, they flee,

Caught on camera,
Sacked from work,
All because,
Putin hurts,

I can’t stand the propaganda, 14 more words


What does it mean to 'do' ethics?

As I’ve mentioned before, my job at Chichester is to design a BA in Philosophy and Ethics. In the past I’ve been a TA on ethics modules at Durham. 724 more words