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5C Homework

Hi guys

Homework for Monday 1 September:

Page 19 question 3 a, d, g, j and m

Mr C


Time travel in the novel, Kindred

I have not read many books involving time travel, but I know that Octavia Butler’s approach to it is much different than them and what I have seen in films. 194 more words


Blogs, Blogs, Blogs.

Blogging is a skill that I wish I were better at. I’ve always envied active blog owners for being able to keep up with their blogs, because just that is a difficult feat. 452 more words


Blogged Down?

Ever since I embarked on my journey through the school of journalism here at Stony Brook University my professors have been shoving this idea of blogs and blogging down my throat.   510 more words


Three out of a billion blogs

The act of blogging has had an extraordinary impact on journalists. Though the average schmo cannot publish their own newspaper, the ease and simplicity of running a blog has made it possible for anyone with a computer to share what they find interesting to the world. 342 more words


Homework for the weekend

Although it’s never fun to have work over the weekend, for social studies it’s not too tricky.

1. Get you AUP signed.  Get your parents to sign their part.   69 more words

Block B