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Poetry: Homesickness

Entered for the Cambridge Poetry Competition.

Also I know I’ve been a little behind on blog posts. I’ve been swamped with work recently but if there’s one thing for certain, is that a review of Maroon 5’s “V” album will be coming up sometime during the week. 44 more words

4 things you should be prepared for in your first days abroad

Actually we found out that the first night in a new country is usually the worst one. You suddenly find yourself in a new environment where you don’t know anything or anyone. 723 more words


Twenty and counting...

Every time I think of how long Kaye and I have been friends, I think. “WOOOWW! It’s been 20 years?! 20??!!!!”

Then each time, I get transported to a memory from what seems like yesterday of two kids waving at each from the balconies of their apartments which was just across each other. 1,042 more words


the inbetweener.

Moving houses is stressful; anxiety-inducing. Moving towns is disruptive, and extremely nerve-racking. Moving countries is just bizarre.

When you first arrive in the new city, it’s different. 967 more words

“What is the point of being alive if you don't at least try to do something remarkable?”

I looked out the window, and it was light. Bright, in fact.
Sunlight streams into the cabin, jogging me out of the grogginess that comes with being stuck on bad flights for more than 20 hours. 1,048 more words

Personal Journal-ings

"Florence is not Disneyland."

I’ve never been truly homesick before. Of course there was the typical “I miss my mom and dad and dogs” kind of stuff, but nothing major. 523 more words



by Alexus Moreno

In my earlier writings, you read all about my home-, friends-, and family-sickness and how deeply saddened I was to be away from just about everyone I know. 462 more words