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Sleep deprivation 'unrecognized among the homeless'

It may seem the least of their worries, but not being able to get a decent night’s sleep is “without a doubt … the biggest issue for homeless people.” 445 more words


All eyes fastened onto Carlos’s computer screen. A multiracial troupe of women in brightly-colored leotards was dancing through the streets of lower Manhattan. Shot of a Beyoncé look-alike seducing the Wall Street bull, sliding a silk scarf around its neck. 157 more words


Leicester City Council Dawn Centre for Homeless people facing budget cut

At the Homelessness Reference Group in Leicester on 6th August, Leicester City Council Director of Housing, Ann Branson, briefed the meeting on the council’s current spending review programme and how it will effect homelessness services. 20 more words

‘I wouldn’t wish homelessness on my worst enemy

By Pamela Duncan published by The Irish Times:

Charity witnessing significant rise in families presenting as homeless.

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New video from Doorway dispels myths about young people who become homeless

By Martin Reed published by Homeless Link:

As we launch this year’s Young and Homeless research, we thought you might like to watch (and share) this myth-busting film from our member Doorway. 14 more words

Roof for youths: Youngsters make film for Sheffield homeless charity

From The Star

A group of youngsters from Sheffield have created a film which will be used in schools to highlight the issue of homelessness.

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