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Hop Harvest

Picked about half of my hops tonight. These are some huge MtHoods.

Once these guys dry I’ll get them into a nice pale ale. I think what I got tonight will do two batches. 11 more words

Tart Cider (2011)

My first year of homebrewing, I made two kinds of cider. Both were taken from threads on HomebrewTalk.com. This is the second. I followed the recipe here very closely: … 632 more words


Making Pretty Things

A little over a month ago I posted a picture of a keg I picked up on Craigslist. When I picked it up it looked like this… 69 more words

Yellow Cat Sweet Cider

The first time I made hard cider, I used this recipe that I found on the Homebrew Talk Forums: 5 Day Sweet Country Cider. I liked it so much that I ended up making a couple batches of it that year, which was 2011. 1,469 more words


All Grain Recipe #1: Black IPA

After a long hiatus from beer-making and blogging, I’m back.

The break was mainly to do with the fact that I wanted to go all grain but lacked the equipment neccessary. 435 more words

Not Everyone Gets A Prize

There was a recent discussion on a forum regarding judging and advancing beers to the mini-BOS. My philosophy is if there are three awards for a flight then each judge teach should advance three beers or less. 375 more words


Cider Week

Tomorrow, it will be September! In homebrewing, that usually means two things: pumpkin beer, which I covered back in July and of course, hard cider. I have a go to recipe that I usually make every year for sweet cider and a few recipes that I rotate between. 153 more words