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Does education have to be timed?

It felt delicious in September when all the other children went back to school and ours didn’t.

Although I felt a little sad for them shut inside on gorgeous days when the weather always seemed to take a turn for the better and we could make the most of it! 668 more words

Worthy Books

Mind appeals to mind and thought begets thought and that is how we become educated. For this reason we owe it to every child to put them in communication with great minds that they may get at great thoughts; with the minds, that is, of those who have left us great works; and the only vital method of education appears to be that children should read…

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Study: Christians would rather not send their kids to public school

We’re blessed with some wonderful schools in our little town, and I know a lot of teachers personally.  I like them.  And it would be great to put my 7-year-old daughter on a bus in the morning and have some peace and quiet sometimes, and not have to worry about childcare on work days. 582 more words

Public Schools

Why not consider home schooling? Worried? Scared? Read on.....

The beginning of the school year approaches – but why not consider home educating instead?

I prefer the term ‘home education’ to ‘home schooling’ because it better describes it as most parents don’t do school at home they educate in other ways. 755 more words

Studying Stars

Middly asked to learn about stars.
I had a handy kit, so I started there:

We made a simple model of lunar and solar orbits. 100 more words

Frogotter Herself

Holidays of the World Cookbook Review

Cultural studies are vital to a well-rounded education but very few of us have the opportunity to spend our lives traveling the world. To help bring these experiences to our children we have one multicultural night a month in our family, and to add even more fun our support group is starting a monthly park day dedicated to sharing different cultures! 278 more words