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Mocha Green Cafe

361 Hawthorn Rd, Caulfield 9532 9333

Funky water bottle

Chai latte

Thick foam layer, not particularly sweet

= Not bad


Vanilla milkshake

Made with two scoops of ice cream, great consistency… 77 more words


Eggs Benedict Florentine

This is my version of the Eggs Florentine that First Watch makes. I get it every time we go, so I started making it at home. 297 more words

Hollandaise sauce

I knew I was missing out on a date at Cora’s so I went ahead and made myself some eggs benedict. I hear a lot of hesitations when it comes to making this sauce but it shouldn’t be so intimidating. 341 more words


On today's menu...

After three days of being lazy/not being home, I got my crap together and picked up that darn spatula. I invited my best friend, Christina, who has been gone all summer being an adult and whatnot, over for brunch. 1,278 more words


The Hundred-Foot Journey - Every bite takes you home

What can possibly bring together Steven Spielberg, Oprah Winfrey, Lasse Hallstrom, Helen Mirren, A.R. Rahman and Om Puri? Food. Spectacular, culture-bending, irresistible food.

Adapted by screenwriter Steven Knight (who directed the experimental and eccentricLocke with Tom Hardy) from the eponymous book by Richard Morais, The Hundred-Foot Journey is cooked in the same pan as Hallstrom’s much-loved Chocolat. 643 more words

Impromptu Brunch with Mom's Magic Sauces

Our plans to sail to Rockhall and eat crabs with friends were scrapped when the weather forecast showed 80% chance of rain with 50% of thunderstorms all weekend.   554 more words

The Basics

Ode to Julia and Julia... and the Benediction of Eggs!

When you wake up with the thought ‘Today is as good a day to go crazy as any other day’, you know something pretty crazy is about to happen! 836 more words