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The Biblical Hologram; Why the Hebrew Bible and the Old Testament are not the same thing

Recently I’ve been reading a book called “Abraham Geiger and the Jewish Jesus” by Professor Suzannah Heschel, the daughter of the great Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel, of blessed memory. 748 more words

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journey post 31-- At Risk of Repeating History, Part 1: A parable about fear in the public square

“The only thing we have to fear is—fear itself.”
—Franklin D. Roosevelt, Inaugural Address, 1933

Roosevelt speaking at his first inaugural, March 4, 1933

My agenda in this series of posts is to communicate that there is reasonable historical evidence for the resurrection of Jesus.  1,061 more words

The Journey

Rudolf Bultmann, E.P. Sanders, and Curious Legacies

Picking up on the evaluation of Bultmann’s legacy on the Jesus Blog and publishing some fragments I could not be bothered writing up and publishing properly… 1,642 more words

Historical Jesus

A Brief Review of Jesus Against the Scribal Elite, by Chris Keith

Could Jesus read and write? It is a provocative question that not many people seriously consider, and yet is also plagued with assumptions, both in the affirmative and the negative. 570 more words

Historical Jesus

Response to “Does God Exist?” Debate Between Hitchens and Craig PART TWO

In my last post, I pointed out what I thought were the flaws in Craig’s teleological argument. A simple Wikipedia search reveals many of the troubles with standard versions of this argument but, to his credit, Craig tried to work around these by adding science and deductive reasoning. 3,067 more words


Goosing Anthony Le Donne

Anthony Le Donne, one of the most important advocates of social memory studies in historical Jesus and New Testament studies, likes being goosed by ‘a good Johannine parenthetical statement’ 826 more words

Historical Jesus