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It Is Determined By Race

A colleague of mine a few years ago said, “Black people are criminalized and white people are psychiatrized.” It is true. The amount of times people of colour have been treated more harshly for committing similar or lesser crimes, or in some cases no crime at all, then white individuals is disgusting, oppressive and embarrassing to us all. 13 more words

Mental Health

“. . . voters quickly recognized 'Modern Family' as a safe choice. . . “ (Kirsten Acuna)

“Modern Family” wins Emmys. I can’t figure out why. It’s a dumb show, a pathetically insipid show. I find the show’s portrayal of gay men offensive. 1,168 more words


Immigrant health paradox update

I wrote a few years ago about the surprisingly low infant morality rates among immigrants, especially Mexican immigrants, given their relative socioeconomic status. As poor as they other, in other words, we would expect higher infant mortality rates than they have. 573 more words

When No One Is Watching

Forget about all those perfect couple pictures we can’t seem to get away from on Facebook proclaiming endless love.  The way a couple talks to each other when things aren’t at their best says more about the relationship than a carefully selected profile picture.   400 more words


Sofrito & more.

I remember when I was a little girl, my grandmother would manually chop up all of the vegetables needed for a Sofrito. Not that she didn’t have a blender then, but because when she was a little girl, growing up in the Puerto Rican country side, she didn’t have one. 496 more words


mixed race people and interracial couples in the media

The other day I was watching my Tuesday evening roster of TV shows when I noticed a Honey Maid commercial showcasing various family structures including a male gay couple with a baby, a dad with tattoos, and a white husband with an African-American wife and mixed child. 793 more words


Republicans continue to trip over the Gender Gap -- and more

When it comes to the Republican Party’s path to a Senate majority, so much of the focus has been on the red states. But the difference between the GOP pursuing a lasting majority and one that is temporary — or even elusive — is how it performs in purple and blue states like Colorado and Michigan.

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