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Eliza:  Higher Self on Evolution vs. Revolution

Lord, I almost dread asking whether or not I should share another past life… but my Family are anything but subtle these days.  303 more words

Writings By Eliza

Eliza and Higher Self: Endings and Beginnings

Every day now is part of a count-down, marking the time when this consciousness wakens to another world. 1,955 more words

Writings By Eliza

Saint Germain - Understanding Re-embodiment

This is a channeling from Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germain about reincarnation and the Universal Law of Cause and Effect. He explains what must be done to avoid reincarnation. 234 more words

Arch Angels

2014-08-31 My Latest Channeling- Part 1

I had a channeler come over to talk with my guides for clarification. This is part one which discusses the information from my higher self. We talked about changes in DNA and blood, physical symptoms, learning to get clarification from Spirit, future work, beginning to channel for others and shifts from fire to air energies.

Much love!


To Uplift others you have to be "UP" first

This is the Aha! that stands out the most for me so far! Empaths, those like me who have the ability to uplift others, should ALWAYS remember to care about being in Alignment FIRST before assisting anyone. 425 more words


The Year of Living Dangerously

Well, not dangerously, per se. This year I have chosen to do intensive Shadow Work. By making that declaration, I have invited parts of myself from the deepest recesses of my consciousness to come forth and make themselves known. 353 more words


It's The Personality That Evolves, Not The Soul

I referred to a quote from a Near Death Experiencer and now deceased dear friend, Tom Sawyer. He stated,  “All souls are equal at the soul level. 460 more words