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The greatest ever empire

In less than 70 years, beginning around 560 B.C. Persia’s Achaemenid Kings brought together all the disparate nations of the ancient Middle East into a single political unit. 136 more words


The world first postal service of Darius the Great

To ensure the control and development of his immense empire, Darius the Great connected his cities by means of a network of stone-paved roads, along which caravans could journey safely and comfortably, in the knowledge that at every twenty-four kilometers was a military post and a caravanserai. 52 more words


Ancient Evenings: The Allure of Egyptian Culture

We often think of Western obsession with the ancient civilizations of the Nile as having two peaks. Firstly, there was the massive interest sparked by discovery of the Rosetta Stone by the French in 1799, the tri-lingual inscription on which lead to the first modern decryption of hieroglyphics. 441 more words

History and Its Importance (Introduction to Western Civilization 1.1)

Imagine waking up in the desert and not being able to remember who you are, where you are, or how you got there. To find your way home you have to know at least one of those things. 1,379 more words


"Force has no place where there is need of skill."---Herodotus

Herodotus, Greek historian, 484 – 425  AD

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Herodotus at the Pyramids

Herodotus had plenty to say about the Great Pyramid at Giza (very big, very old), but like any more recent tourist in Egypt, he was led by his dragoman: 266 more words