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Hemp Oil for Brain Fog

I cannot think of a single individual who I have spoken with who is enduring, or has endured, chronic Lyme disease void of brain fog. It is crushing, and if you ask a person to explain what it feels like whilst experiencing it, they simply cannot do so in a way that does it justice. 437 more words

I'm done!!!

With my book only. :) .
My friend is working now on the publishing part of it.
The book is going to be published soon. 103 more words

University Develops Hemp-based Super Capacitors

Super-capacitors can store and release electricity like a battery, but can be recharged in seconds instead of hours. At the moment, they are usually made from… 261 more words

The A.G.R Mag

Can plant Omega-3 reduce heart attacks more than fish oil? Yes!

I have always been a great follower of Flaxseed oil over Fish oil for greater nutritional value, so I had to share  this article by Naturopath Case Adams… 644 more words

Rick Simpson: The Politics of Cannabis

Uploaded from: http://offplanetradio.com

OffPlanet Radio – Randy Maugans with Rick Simpson from Croatia (Central Europe) – Recorded: July 14, 2014


Bigger Reality

come and knock on my door

Last weekend was wet and gloomy.  We’ve had fantastic weather all summer with very few rainy days so the gloomy weather was welcomed by me.  I found myself lounging on the couch and indulging in a… 431 more words


Why Add Hemp Seed To Your Diet? Here Are The Benefits

Hemp seed is similar to flaxseed, but because hemp cultivation has historically been prohibited in most of the United States, its health benefits are less commonly known here. 372 more words

The A.G.R Mag