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Not So Great First Day

Hello lovelies! <3


Today was my very first day of college *cheers* wait no not so much for the cheering, hold the cheering. I found out that the math class I am in will not transfer when I switch schools next fall. 184 more words


Nite Bite

Change is coming! Keep the faith…


being young and not knowing what to do with your life and blah blah blaaaaaaaah

hey, hi, hello and all the other greetings you can choose from,

I’m Lucy and I thought I’d talk to you for a little bit, if you fancy reading/listening (I know it’s words but I like the idea of you reading it in a little voice) 284 more words

First Post

My First Post!

Hello, everyone! My name is Gregory (as you most likely are already aware of), and this is my first blog post! I am going to be writing about many, many things here– from reviews to short stories. 21 more words


Hello, no handshake here!

Teacher Challenge Week 1

Challenge 1:
Greet EVERY student EVERYday.

When I first heard that this was going to be one of the challenges I thought, “Sign me up!! 394 more words

Day Fifteen: Part Two

Wow, part two came rather quickly didn’t it? Well I finally got the message; not an “I miss you, where are you, how’ve you been” message; I got an “Are you dead?” Message. 121 more words