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Thunder Clap: Burning Questions


The room was total blackness but the one bright spot, so to speak, was that Sumter had an agent on the scene who didn’t need the electricity on to make herself heard. 3,213 more words


Episode 13: Chernoblast

Zack had one of his Purcellian Striker Pistols in his hand before Fletch’s third word. He didn’t have a clear shot with Doctor Zeta standing in the door, but Fletch had a reputation for not caring about such trivialities and the cybernetic reticle she wore over her eye was already scanning the entire room. 1,571 more words


Our greatest (post apocalyptic) fear

I’ve always been a big fan of post apocalyptic stories, and stories of survival against the odds. So the genre has always fascinated me. But I’m not the only one. 2,518 more words


Episode 12: Helix Hunt

“You’re certain that no one looking like this passed this way?” asked Vox Cul-Dar. “It is vital that I find them.”

The human behind the sandwich cart shook her head as she finished applying the mustard to his order. 1,410 more words


Episode 11: The Boy on Beta Street

Vox Cul-Dar parked his hover car at the public hangar on the side of the “street” that spiraled up and down the side of Helix. The planet of Veskid, and even more specifically the cities of Farport, Veskid City and Cortez, were founded near the end of the super city craze, and each of the three founding cities were developed with facilities meant to accommodate and create the massive, intelligent structures. 1,913 more words


SEN Representative Participated in the HELIX Delhi Stakeholders’ Workshop

13th August 2014

Mr. Jeeban Panthi, Research Coordinator at The Small Earth Nepal (SEN), recently participated and provided expertise feedback in a workshop organized at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) – Delhi. 268 more words

Thunder Clap: Hot Beats


This is how a typical disaster starts at the Project Sumter offices. First, I get back in town from another trip to DC. While checking my e-mail it becomes clear that it’s been a slow week and it might be a good time to try and catch up on some of that business that’s been on the back burner as I run around the Midwest region supervising stuff and consulting with the Senate Committee on new regulations for talented people in the workplace. 2,648 more words