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One Last Talk

Sarah had never smoked in her entire life, and boy, was she glad she hadn’t. Now more than ever, as she looked down the hall towards the room of little Macy: the girl who needed a strong, healthy pair of lungs. 663 more words


return guaranteed..

We have a new dog in the house.  She’s a beagle.  She’s been here two weeks.  I want to take her back.  She’s tried to bite me twice.   296 more words


Because it's okay to be gay

A couple of months ago, a rather close friend of mine sat talking to me in a café. He looked miserable, as he tentatively bit into his sandwich. 457 more words


Never Mind

the asphalt is jagged
and coated in vinegar
uncertainty is calling;
but never mind.

light shines from behind
a softly glowing respite
cords trace back in time; 64 more words


Needing to learn to keep my big mouth shut

I’m pretty sure I have written about this before.
I really do need to learn to keep my mouth shut

I pissed off my daughter who seems to always be nagging on her four year old son. 73 more words


Butterfly bracelet

I have this butterfly bracelet
Silver & delicate.
A gift given twice.
First, with heartfelt intentions.
Second: as a peace offering,
Second: as a conscience-clearer, 60 more words

I Think I Might Dye

Red. That is the color I asked my hairdresser to dye my hair. I needed a change. Fall is coming and I am feeling a little dull so why not go out and do something a little bit bold, drastic maybe. 388 more words