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Super Simple Baked Tofu

Many people are either scare of tofu or buy it and have no idea what to do with it!  I use it all the time, as scrambled eggs, on loaded nachos, in burritos and in stir fries, but this is a super simple way to prepare tofu: baked. 253 more words


My Lemon Salmon Summer Salad



This is one just for you however you can make it a fantastic centre piece to pick from for 4 people. 385 more words

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Moghrabieh (Lebanese Couscous)

This dish would not be familiar to everyone, the closest thing it would resemble is a large grain couscous. This dish is quite popular in Beirut and always reminds me of my childhood. 329 more words


Globe Artichokes – Plain or Stuffed

These are a great appetizer or starter for an evening meal!  Great flavor and fun to eat, these will not disappoint you OR your guests! 168 more words


"How to look like a Dame" stunning photos of Helen Mirren & an interview with Oprah Winfrey




 Oprah Winfrey sits down with Dame Helen Mirren

The August 2014 issue of O magazine


Some excerpts from Helen’s sit-down with Oprah: 1,030 more words

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