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I have recently recieved questions about some of the foods I eat as many people are curious how I get nutrients from being a vegan. Here is a sample of the things that are ALWAYS in my fridge and pantry. 347 more words


Vous Vitamin Review and Giveaway.

So I am feeling pretty special. I got to make my own customizable multivitamin with the help of http://www.vousvitamin.com/vous1/

“Two doctors have created VOUS Personalized Multivitamins to address individual needs. 534 more words

Healthy Living

Kusum Yoga Portland

Yoga will be offered at A Space for Grace by teachers from Kusum Institute Yoga on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at noon starting September 3, 2014. 125 more words


Evaluating my goals for the day...

My weight is slowly going down from my food choices over the weekend.  It’s getting really annoying to eat so well and then mess it up just from one day, because then I just feel like I’m playing catch up all week long.   176 more words

Can you be too healthy?

It seems an odd question. Is it possible to be too healthy? At first thought you may think it an obvious and daft question. Surely you can’t be too healthy?  396 more words

Be Free

Fitness for the Soul! - Self Discovery in Wicker Park

I never really understood that phrase “find yourself.” It always sounded overly emotional and dramatic to me.  Like what does it even mean to “find yourself”? 557 more words

Healthy Living

Bach Flower Remedies

Edward Bach was a very spiritual person and was able to bring on a particular mood at will. When he held certain flowers in his hands the vibrations of these flowers would make his negative moods disapear. 152 more words