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Alimentation, i got some tricks for you!

I’ve been interested in alimentation for 10 yrs now.

It was Jujimufu and Antoine Vaillant from TrickTutorials.com (which no longer exist) that inspired me for the journey of getting better, feeling better and rocking my Life with Full Energy! 1,109 more words


Events on Campus this Week for Safety Week

You’ve probably heard that college students through the 1950s  and 60s lived in sex-segregated dorms (if not on entirely sex-segregated campuses), had dress codes and curfews, and partied with chaperones present.   1,164 more words

Health & Well Being


Here’s a picture of Rob and me on a rare weekend alone. We went to Santa Barbara for his birthday a few years ago and had SUCH a fun time! 156 more words


A smile and compliment goes a loooooong way!


Oh why Oh why do blood tests and IV lines exist!? (Don’t answer that question I know the answer perfectly well…  :) )

People hate getting their blood test taken or having to have an IV line put in or any procedure that includes getting cut up, injected, opened up etc. 232 more words

Goodly Word


Every workday around 4:00 I get the need for a snack – something to give me a little energy boost so I can get through the rest of the afternoon.  110 more words


To put off for tomorrow...

We can all put our hands up and admit to avoiding things that we don’t want to do. We will suddenly find anything to distract us from what we actually need to do, some would call this a delay tactic! 441 more words