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#Serco overcharging costs #NHS millions (#UK #Politics #Austerity)

An exclusive report in The Independent newspaper reveals that one of the government’s ‘preferred partners’, Serco, is costing the NHS millions every year in overcharging for basic services. 1,793 more words

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Psychopaths, sociopaths, and narcissists. Similarities and differences, and why they are dangerous

It may seem as though the world has gone mad. It does to me both literally and metaphorically.

In this article I am going to explain, as simply as possible, why we have some of the problems in the world we live in. 8,761 more words


Perhaps #humanity deserves its fate

One thing is very clear, humanity is heading in a direction that the majority have chosen, and that is abject economic slavery in ignorance.

For those of us who have been on the planet for some time, we have never seen a period in history where there is so much apathy and selfishness. 923 more words


Slave #Britain: NHS treats mental health as 'second-class service' (#uk #nhs #mentalhealth)

By Denis Campbell, The Guardian

Shadow public health minister says figures show 67% of clinical commissioning groups spend less than 10% of budget on mental health services. 676 more words


Slave #Britain: DISGRACEFUL!! Tory councillor laments closure of workhouses for the mentally ill! (#mentalhealth #uk #poverty #austerity)

In a meeting about mental health services, a Tory counsellor in Torbay expressed regret that workhouses had been closed down.

The counsellor, Michael Hytche, was condemned by other counsellors in Torbay Council in Devon. 575 more words

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Do You Know How to Love a Broken Woman?

This wonderful post, written by Imani Evans on her blog Create Love for Women Who Love Women, touched me deeply. In it she shares  painful childhood experiences and how she emerged from them as a victorious, warrior woman. 172 more words